Top Ten Signs You’ve Signed a Subconscious Contract with Your Parents

1. It’s difficult for you to make decisions without the approval of your parents.

2. It’s hard for you to be away from home.

3. You feel guilt or anxiety if you can’t do what’s asked of you by your parents or friends.

4. You have a consistent need to be liked everywhere, and are perhaps a “people-pleaser,” which makes it hard for you to set boundaries and say no.

5. Your fear of angering your parents, along with your pattern of holding back your own anger or resentment towards them or others, prevents you from being yourself.

6. There are times when you hide your real feelings or parts of your life your parents wouldn’t approve of.

7. You feel responsible for bringing joy into your family.

8. You feel like you have to be perfect in order to please your parents/others in your life. You even continue to hold onto the notion that your childhood was perfect.

9. You feel guilty if you’re happy because someone else in your family isn’t.

10. Your needs are being compromised. In other words, you’re putting your needs aside in the service of others.

Now, I just want you to know, because this is very important: You do not need to recognize all ten signs within yourself/your relationship with your parents in order to be involved in a subconscious contract with them. If even one or two of them feel familiar, pay attention. It can mean you’re in the process of signing on.

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