Dr. Debbie Magids and Dr. Jaime Schehr
, an expert in integrative medicine, have

been sharing clients for the last decade.  They believe in order to achieve total

well-being you must address both the mind and body.  Each brings their unique

sensibilities to explore what your employees experience both emotionally and

physiologically, unpack the root causes, alleviate symptoms, and provide the tools

to prevent recurrence in its many forms.

Workshop topics and formats are personalized to the needs of your


Wellness Series
- A holistic way to improve your work experience: how to

increase productivity, live with passion, get unstuck.

- How to improve your health: losing weight, conquering emotional

eating, improving sleep, boosting energy, practicing principles of

preventative medicine.

- How to cope with stress: 
reducing anxiety and depression, decreasing or

eliminating toxic habits, undergoing larger transitions (i.e. becoming a parent and

returning to work).

- How to become a more effective communicator: building and sustaining healthy

relationships, developing leadership skills, managing employees.

- How to get organized: minimizing distractions, managing social media addiction,

de-cluttering your home and/or office.

- How to become a better you: enhancing self-esteem.​

"We thought we were bringing in Dr. Debbie and Dr. Jaime for a one-time workshop ... we've since had them back six more times! From Dr. Debbie's insights about the root causes of our behaviors and how to take course-correcting action, to Dr. Jaime's strategies for healthy living, it's as if we got the playbook for activating meaningful change in our own bodies, in the workplace, and beyond. Simply put, they're a game-changing duo.”
~Rochelle Rosato Robson - Head of Global Diversity, Equity & Belonging, Employee Engagement at Medidata Solutions 


​​​​​​Debbie Magids, PhD